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invasive species

early detection 

Bioverse made possible early detection of invasive species and monitoring of biological dynamics in near real-time. Our technology is enabling farmers, growers, and environmental professionals to better understand biodiversity in the field.



Bioverse team has combined open source hardware, edge computing ML and GSM telecommunications, to delivering real-time species identification. This technological advancement has opened an incredible range of possibilities and applications, bringing biodiversity to the center of the analytics.


BIOVERSE ONE - Species Identification and Environmental Monitoring Sensor

About us

Bioverse Labs is a technology company that was founded by Francisco D’Elia, and Dr. Zachary Ladin in April 2018 after participating in Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program and Start-up Accelerator. To begin tackling global-scale biodiversity loss, we need tools that will help detect, identify, and discover new species. The need for accurate species identification is already an essential aspect of multiple industries: Agriculture, Biotech, Energy, Medical, Forestry, and Environmental Monitoring. For example, in 2017, $7.9 trillion worth of crops worldwide were destroyed by insect damage. In the USA alone, $70 billion is spent annually on pest control. It has also been overwhelmingly demonstrated that the critical method of reducing the costs incurred from pests is early detection. Given the large market size and opportunity, and the essential need for species identification and monitoring capabilities within the rapidly-growing precision-agriculture markets, we are laser-focused on automating pest and disease species detection as the fastest path to revenue for our company. 


species Identification Sensor

Meet Bioverse ONE, a scalable open-source IoT solution able to provide farmers and growers the ability to monitor and forecast biological diversity in the field. Bioverse ONE is an autonomous device able to perform sound and image-based machine learning detections. Solar-powered and equipped with humidity, temperature, pressure, and luminosity sensors, Bioverse ONE communicates through DLT with the cloud instantly, feeding notifications to the Bioverse Mobile App in near real-time. It was designed to be completely autonomous while capturing data from insects, birds, reptiles and other lifeforms in ag crop fields, greenhouses, and forests.

Bioverse ONE - IoT Solution for Species Identification in the Field

Bioverse Mobile App - User interface and data colection point