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Invasive Species Threaten

Global food supplies and human health are at high risk from invasive species due to climate change and increased globalization.

Real-time Species Monitoring

Bioverse Labs is automating species monitoring to help farmers and governments protect food supplies and human health.

Bioverse One IoT Sensor

Prevent pest outbreaks and reduce IPM costs by detecting invasive species early with the Bioverse One IoT Sensor.

About Us

Bioverse Labs is transforming the way we do business with nature. Our AI-powered technologies are empowering farmers and governments by enabling them to monitor species population dynamics in real time. Through the integration of smart low-cost IoT sensors, proprietary machine learning algorithms designed to detect both pest and beneficial species, and cloud-based predictive analytics, our clients are able to prevent pest outbreaks, reduce pesticide use, and promote biological control. Applications for our Species Monitoring Platform include monitoring insect populations in conventional and organic open field and greenhouse agriculture, monitoring invasive forest pests, and monitoring urban ecosystems to detect threats to human health. If you are interested in testing our technology, please contact us for a free consultation and quote.